Embed a Web3 wallet in your game with
5 lines of code

With our plug and play SDK, you can build your Web3 game without hiring any blockchain devs.

What we DO

Blockchain SDK for your game

Embedded wallet

Our SDK allows you to seamlessly create a Web3 wallet for your users once they log in. Users can then easily buy on-chain items in-game with the click of a button.

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Platform SDKs

Our platform SDKs allow you to easily access our APIs and get started in a matter of minutes. We currently support React and we are working on supporting React Native and Unity.

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Cheap and fast transactions

We integrate with StarkNet on the backend, so all in-game transactions and NFT mints are fast and a fraction of the cost on mainnet.

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Upcoming Feature

We help you

Reduce player churn

NFT games today suffer from poor UX. Players are constantly redirected to a different window to approve transactions, which leads to churn.

With our solution, you can integrate a powerful embedded Web3 wallet in your game, so transactions are easy as clicking a button.


Save costs

Transactions on ETH cost high gas fees, and take a long time to confirm, both of which aren't great for player UX.

With our solution, all in-game transactions take place on Layer 2 with negligible fees and near instant confirmation times.

And finally

Stay focused on gameplay

Our SDK lets you focus on doing what you do best - build fun and engaging games.

Whether you want token gated access to your game, integration with your custom game token, or an in-game NFT marketplace, get in touch with us and we can help.

Web3 is the best way to monetize
games since free-to-play.

Join games like Axie Infinity, Sorare, and CryptoKitties, that have earned billions of dollars through NFT Sales and token launches.


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Builders by trade, Gamers at heart

We are an experienced team of engineers that know from experience how difficult it is to bring a Web3 game to market. We are also backed by some of the best minds in Silicon Valley.

"The only thing more fun than playing Dota for 12 hours a day would be playing Dota for 12 hours a day and making money doing it"

Raimie Tang (CEO & Co-Founder)

"The first game I ever built was Pac-Man using Turbo C++ on a computer from 1999. It was the best feeling ever when a friend played the game and then asked me where I bought it from"

Arvind Ramesh (CTO and Co-Founder)